Snaptube Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do

Snaptube Not Working?

Are you having trouble downloading videos from YouTube using Snaptube? You’re not alone. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the most common issues that users face and provide solutions to help you fix them.

The Most Common Snaptube Not Working Issues

Unable to Get the Info of the Video

If you’re unable to get the video info, it may be due to a weak connection between your device and the Snaptube server. Try downloading the video again later or send a bug report to Snaptube with the video link. If you see this error with all other videos from all other sites, then the problem may be your network connection. Try connecting to a different network. Is Snaptube a Safe App to Download in 2023?

Download Process Stopped Automatically

An unstable or weak internet connection can cause the download process to stop automatically. To fix this, resume the download manually when the connection gets better. If you’re downloading the video with Snaptube running in the background, your device’s system or security apps may kill the app’s operation, stopping the download. To keep the download process in the background, try turning off energy-saving or space-saving solutions in your device’s settings or security apps. A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading SnapTube Videos to SD Card

Download Tasks Keep You Waiting

If you’re waiting for downloads to complete, it may be due to too many ongoing tasks or an unstable internet connection. Increase the number of maximum download tasks in the Snaptube settings or switch to another network. Snaptube VS Vidmate: Which Is Better?

The Download Speed is Too Low

To increase the download speed, try turning on “Fast Download Mode” in the Snaptube settings, setting the “Download Speed Limit” to “Unlimited,” or connecting to a faster network. How do I increase the download speed on SnapTube?

Download Tasks Always Show 0kb/s

This issue can occur if Snaptube has tried several times to resolve the URL of the video with little success. Check if the video exists in its original state by clicking on the menu (three horizontal dots) of this task and selecting “Go to Website.” If it plays, delete the task and start again. If not, test the internet connection, reconnect, and try again or switch to another network. Why is Snaptube not available in the Google play store?

Failed to Download Tasks After You Leave the App

To avoid this issue, turn off energy-saving or space-saving mode in your device’s settings or security apps, keep Snaptube open in the foreground until all tasks are complete, or use a floating window (Picture in Picture mode) to keep Snaptube in the foreground.

We hope these solutions help you fix any issues you may be facing with Snaptube. 

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