SnapTube APK 2019 :

One powerful application that is making waves since its launch is SnapTube. It kick-started two years back in 2014 and made its presence felt like an app for video and audio downloads. One reason for its huge popularity is its seamless performance on both the high and the low-end devices alike. As it is a small application, which consumes very less RAM, it works smoothly on the low-end devices.

It helps in downloading stuff from more than 18 sites, which include all popular ones like YouTube, Instagram etc. and the lines of vertical resolution are right from 144P to 1080P HD. You can download from anywhere on these sites and in whatever resolution you prefer without worrying about any plugins as none is required.


SnapTube APK 2019 will help you to download your desired Video by just getting the correct HTML code or by its keyword. Its search is so fast that it brings all related videos which best suits your keyword. SnapTube App is a basic mobile version and it can’t be installed on Mac OS.

SnapTube APK 2019 Features

This application downloads all your preferred stuff very easily and quickly. It also enables you to convert videos and songs to MP3 in case you only prefer to have audio. The application is a complete package in itself, which not only allows you to download from various websites but also gives recommendations. There are several search options in this app, including one catalog that has 11 subcategories.  There is a section for those videos that are viewed the most; there is a section for the popular ones and also there is a separate section where daily recommendations are updated.

snaptube 2019 apk

SnapTube has gained its popularity on Android as it is one of the finest video downloaders for Android. Not only help you to download videos from popular video website like facebook, Vimeo, etc., but you also can get audio for example MP3 and M4A formats. SnapTube gives you a great quality video to download. You may choose the quality of the video from 140 pixels up to HD 1080-pixel if not 4K video.

Unfortunately, currently, SnapTube for iPhone and iOS is not available. However, there is an options video downloader, such as Video Downloader for iPhone. This software has similar purpose and features as SnapTube. You can download video from YouTube and other websites quickly. It’s also free to download.

snaptube apk

It is not available in Google Play Store and has to be downloaded from the official site. The interface is very easy to understand and use. It is simple to browse for the video or audio that you want. You have to type either the name of the song or the artist in the search bar or you can simply click on the video if it is there in any category. After you find what you want, you can either play it or download it to play later.

Another big advantage of using this application is that it is tested on various antivirus platforms and came out to be clean. Hence, you need not to worry about viruses and it is completely safe to use. You can watch your downloaded videos tension free once you have downloaded it, even without an internet connection.

As it offers to download in various resolutions, you can choose the one depending upon the space on your device. The more the resolution, the more is the space required; so if there is space shortage, you can opt for lower resolution. You also have the option to download only the audio of a particular song or album. This further helps in saving space.

To get SnapTube APK 2019 on your PC, there are two prerequisites. The first is that the PC should have 4GB RAM and the second is that it should have HD standard graphics driver. If these requirements are not met, then it is difficult to have this app on PC.

This app is getting excellent reviews and more and more people are getting it on their devices.