It is possible that you already know several apps to improve your photos. In all the app stores you will see several of them just enter to see what’s new in the same, all offering more or less the same features. However, the only one designed exclusively for selfies is B612, which is dedicated to improving photos taken with the front camera of the cell phone. And, this time, we will present links and information to download B612 for iPhone for free.

The idea behind B612 – Selfies from the heart is to work as an alternative to others focusing, as we said in the previous paragraph, to improve the experience of using these photos and offer a free cross-platform application in its full version, perhaps because the developer is Line.

In the same way, we can say that in B612 we will have a greater number of filters within our reach than others similar and that it is possible to remove the watermark so that the final results are as authentic as possible. All this available in the only version until now existing; It also does not stand out that there is any one payment option that “removes” features from the free or add others.

Download B612 for iPhone for free

B612 is a free android photography software that won many users today with great features of the app. The integration of the app will give you a clear picture, and you will not make out surprised when looking at the pictures. With self-editing mode and effects when taking will cause defects on your face erased, one thing that everyone is afraid to take pictures. With an eye-catching interface using a simple app in a machine when you open an app click on a photo, you even list beautiful images. Besides photographing B612 also supports image editing feature so you can be assured of the quality of the picture, it will make you as happy as possible.

If you want less monotonous photos, you can use the editing feature to add animated icons or make funny faces to your bold personality photos. Everything you want B612 can meet, you just experience and explore.

Camera B612 Features

  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Support for image editing features
  • Large effect storage
  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Various filter images
  • Smoothing skin, rinse skin
  • Add text messages to photos
  • Provide library frames
  • Capture easy photo editing colleges
  • Auto Sharpen
  • Auto face recognition
  • You can share photos directly to Facebook

On the other hand, the application will allow us to test the filters while we take the photo, i.e. we will not have to wait until after having removed it to decide which to apply, but also we can take the photograph based on the desired effect, or see how they remain “live”. Also, B612 has a timer of two to five seconds and the possibility of creating collages.

How to download B612 for iPhone?

Downloading the app to your iPhone is simple. You only need to access the link at the end of this article from the device to which you want to install it.

You can also do it from the App Store:

  • We open the App Store
  • We look for “B612.”
  • In the first application press “Get” and “Install” to start the download
  • B612 is available for iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6, plus a version for iPad and iPod.

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